New Java update may impact CX users and project managers


Dear LATISTA Users,

Our Support Team recently discovered that new Java update that Oracle released (Java 7) may cause troubles even if you do not install it on your computers.

Every Java installation checks for updates from time to time and if new update is found certain actions are taken. Specifically we discovered that some special security settings are activated and certain LATISTA components that were considered trusted are now "blocked" and cannot perform certain functions in the browser.

The sympotoms that your Java is blocking components are the following:

  1. When save a commissioning form or inspection the "Saving" notification box sits forever and your data is not saved.
  2. When you open a document from the File Manager nothing happens (buttons do not work) or PDF viewer is empty (document is not loading)

If you experience one of these issues then your system is affected.

Updating to Java 7 Updated 51 solves the issue, but some users have no ability to perform such update immediatelly. So we are developers an alternative solution for this problem. Please follow the instruction below to make your computer working properly with LATISTA application again:

  1. Go to the Control Panel 
  2. Open Java Panel there 
  3. Switch to Security tab 
  4. Drag the slider all the way down to Medium. 
  5. Click OK and close all the windows.
  6. Restart your Browser.

Thank you,


LATISTA Support Team

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