What APIs are available for use in Latista?


The planned APIs (most available with the Latista 16.1 release) include: 

  • Issues data API
  • Inspections data API
  • Projects data API
  • Issue History data API
  • Companies data API
  • Contacts / Users data API
  • Cloud Usage data API (tracker)
  • CX Steps data API
  • Synchronizations data API
  • Form Fields data API
  • Daily Report data API
  • Data API access setup
  • API dynamic configuration
  • Data API services discovery
  • BASIC authentication
  • Data API query language
  • Data API response

All APIs cited above are read only (outputs from Latista).  


Discussions have taken place regarding write APIs, but will be driven by customer demand.  Contact your Latista Account Manager for more details.

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